Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Exchange Service Pack 2 lands

Finally, Exchange SP2 for Exchange 2003 is available for download here

David Houston who manages the SBS Ireland Users group site was the first person to let me know.

So what! I here you say, well firstly it gives us the ability to increase the information store from 16GB to 75 Gb in size which has to be welcome as I am sure a lot of us and our customers are coming close to the 16GB limit.

The update also includes support for SenderID
which could potentially give us a decent tool to limit if not prevent someone spoofing a mail from our/your smtp domain.

Hands up how many of us are getting automated emails from Anti Virus software stating that a mail which we never sent contained a virus.

Good deed for today, please convince all those sys admins you know to turn off the email response that most AV products send to the sender of an infected mail because let's be honest in most cases the email address is spoofed.

The best post I have seen which both details the installation and the benefits of Exchange's new Service Pack has to be Vlad's on his blog.

who I had the pleasure to meet in SMB Nation in September but unfortunately I didn't get a chance to talk to properly, great article Vlad.

Regards Mark


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