Sunday, August 28, 2005

Blogging and Spam

Strangely enough I am not going to talk at least not at lenght anyway about some blog comments being little more than spam. We have all seem the like, some spammer takes the opportunity to use your blog as a means to advertise his wares.

No believe it or not you can use a free blogging product to help you reduce the incoming spam into your inbox.

How, well first things first bloglines allows you to subscribe to all your favourite sites using xml RSS or atom or blogger feeds, fair enough nothing too exciting there, although it is handy because you can check your feeds on any pc.

I know your not impressed what else, well there's more, we can create email subscriptions.

How does this help us with spam, well say you want to subscribe to a secondhand car website but you don't want to give out your work or personal email address.

Now you don't have to because you can create unique email address (Email Subscription) for each mailing list you need to subscribe to and have it managed by the bloglines service.

So if you decide you don't want to receive any more updates you don't need to go through the third partys unsubscribe process you simply delete the bloglines pseudo email address and happy days you no longer recieve the emails and more importantly your own email address(es) were never compromised.

Bloglines has loads of other great features worth looking at.

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