Sunday, May 29, 2005

Blogging now I get it!

I think the penny has finally dropped for me in relation to Blogs. Ok I have known for maybe a year that they allow someone to easily publish their ideas and thoughts.

But what I didn't get until today as I was browseing around at least a dozen blogs looking for new information and wasting a lot of time looking at blogs / sites which hadn't updated since the last time I browsed them that there is a better way.

RSS feeds, ok I knew about RSS feeds and even played around with a newsfeed reader but until I stumbled upon IntraVnews which puts the feeds (Any website which supports an RSS feed)you can subscribe to and you are automatically notified if there is any updated content.

Finally I can unsubscribe myself to all of those techie newsletters and subscribe to the sites and blogs I want and then choose to read or disard, tune in tomorrow for details



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