Sunday, April 17, 2005

What If you need Remote Access without RWW

Finally made time to put up another post. Anyway you might already be aware that we can use Remote Web Workplace to among other things remote control a client computer in an SBS network.

But what if port 4125 is blocked. If you try to remotely connect to your server or one of your SBS Network's desktops the location you are connecting from must allow port 4125 traffic as this is used to proxy a connection to Remote desktop.

Basically if you need to connect to your desktop from a site where you cannot open port 4125 you cannot use Remote Web Workplace to complete the remote desktop connection.

A very useful tool that a colleague showed me will allow you to connect to a remote computer over port 80 / port 443. Take a look at this free service will allow you to setup up an account, from which you can download a control to any pc you wish to control.

This applet will run on the remote pc and will allow you to connect to any of your remote pc's by using a secure web site.

Cost for this service is free, well worth a look, also I would also reccomend disabling the applet on the remote pc when you will not need to connect.

Check back soon Regards Mark


At 2:16 AM, Anonymous Ronan said...

Hi Mark,

Just to add to the note regarding Logmein. Yes I have also tried it and have found it to be very good for a free package. One other thing I have loaded it on to my XDA11 with ease and completed a remote repair of an e-mail account in outlook on a standalone machine. So quite impressed only thing with my XDA was that had to drag display image from corner to corner on XDA to view desktop of remote PC but otherwise fantastic.


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