Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Ronan - Maintenance Required to keep SBS oiled

Thanks Ronan for the comment,
As soon as I get a chance I will throw up a full list of Daily, Weekly and Monthly tasks which should be carried out on SBS to ensure a smooth running network.

In the meantime checkout the following link on Harry B's Websitefor a list of best practices documents http://www.nwlink.com/~harryb/sbs/

Ronan Mc Namara said...
Hello Mark,Well done on setting up your blog "living with an SBS Obsession". I believe that it will be of great use to all of us out here in cyberland to help identify and share more benefits and questions that we may have for you on SBS etc. I would like to ask this question.... Could you name 10 best practices for Maintenance of SBS2003 which could be carried out including remote access and methods of informing the customer/IT representative on site of helping this to be best achieved.


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