Sunday, March 13, 2005

And it began !

Hello Everyone,

Let me introduce myself my name is Mark Mulvany and I hail from Dublin in Ireland, I am a self-confessed technoholic, as can be evidenced by the fact I have created this blog after midnight on a Sunday morning.

My primary purpose of writing this blog is to share my obsession with you for all things technical but in particular SBS (Small Business Server) 2003 and other technologies that can be employed by SMB.

Some of you might be aware that SBS 2003 is Microsoft's small business server and like a lot of techies from a large enterprise backgrounds I initially felt that this product was a cutdown backoffice product especially my first experiences with SBS 4.5 (NT 4.0 and Exchange 5.5) were let's just say less than satisfying.

I have spent almost 15 years working with Microsoft products and networks although in the early days I have to admit I preferred Novell Netware to the earlier versions of NT.

Coming back to the present I would like to share my experiences with SBS 2003 and at the same time learn from other peoples forays into small business networking.

Having spent the last 5 or 6 years teaching Networking this is really my first practical attempt to express my views outside of a classroom having found in the past websites didn't suit by let's just say free flowing writing style (fell free to add laughter / derison at this point)

My first tip or to quote a favorite author of mine "BEST PRACTICE" if you are interested in what makes SBS 2003 tick take a look at Harry B site
Harry has some great books on SBS and a free monthly newsletter which is well worth a look.

Yes I freely admit this blog will be techie but I hope I will be able to provide some useful tips
and maybe share some of my expierences and learn from anyone else who would care to share their insights or even their questions.

I'd better sign off blogs are supposed to be sharp and straight to the point !!


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