Monday, March 28, 2005

Setting up your SMTP Server

Hopefully everyone is recovering from the Easter Break. Well that's my only excuse for not posting on this blog, that and sheer laziness.

Anyway thought I would throw in an answer I posted to question concerning getting Exchange in SBS 2003 setup as an SMTP server.

I think your asking how to setup Exchange email.
You nearly have everything. I am going to assume you want to use SMTP
(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) asyou have your own domain and 30 users.
You need a DNS MX record created to point to your static ip.
It depends on who you have your internet domain hosted with, you may be able to use a webbased control panel to change it yourself or you may have to contact the registrar (supplier) and ask them to create 2 records.
1) An A or host record defining a host name for your IP address for example something like SRV.YOURDOMAIN.COM pointing to the static IP address.

2) Then an MX record which points to the host defined in step 1 (An MX record allows other mail servers on the internet to find your mail server and send email)

3) Once you have the above in place you should run the Configure Email and internet Connection wizard accessed from the To do list in ServerManagement.Mike take a look at this link an archived post by Javier which explains the full process very well

If you need any more help just post back here.Hope this helps Regards Mark (The Irish MCT)MCT,MCSE,MCSE+I,CNA,INET+


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