Saturday, May 28, 2005

Great utility for Data Transfer USB style

Once in a while you come across a gadget that just works and really helps you do your job. The device I am talking about is a USB 2.0 easy sync cable. Basically it allows you to connect 2 pc's over USB.

Those of us a little bit longer in the tooth might remember using Serial Null modem cables to do this kind of transfer especially when most laptops didn't have network cards however with the volume of date now needing to be transferred serial cables don't really cut it any longer being too slow most top out at roughly .5 mbits .

The UBS cable I use happens to be from trust at the link below but there is loads of different versions out there.

Anyway what's so neat well data transfer speed is a respectable 12 Mbits and the driver for Windows 98,ME, 2000, XP will fit on one floppy.

Best of all you can setup a virtual network card on both pc's or if you have problems with the networking setup on the older pc, there is a built in data transfer application that will work even if TCP/IP is not working.

All in all it's a great tool that is worthy of space in my already too heavy laptop bag.

Regards Mark


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