Thursday, June 23, 2005

HP/Microsoft Worldwide SMB Nation Dublin Style

Have to say, I really enjoyed today's (yesterday at this stage) presentation. I found what Harry B had to say about passive income and trying to move away from the sole proprietor model very interesting.

If you are providing services around SBS or even considering it I would reccomend attending this one dayer if it's in your locality

The idea of being able to use the solution accelerators to provide a teaching framework and maybe even act as an operations manual to a new staff member is very appealing.

Link to solution accelorator from Microsoft

I have to say the highlight for me was meeting a lot of like minded individuals and getting some really get ideas from everyone I managed to talk too.

Not to say the free drink and food wasn't welcome at the end of the night, thanks Jordan from IPromptu. I want at least 1 NFR copy of vonexus or I'm moving to the dark side (funny I always thought the dark side was the M guys and not the L guys if you know what I mean.

Nick true to his word has already setup the listserver for SBSIRELAND.COM which hopefully can act as a jumping off point for an SBS Usergroup that could benefit all of us.

Colin thanks for hosting the event and thanks for the kind offer of a room in Microsoft to host the Usergroup Meetings.

Harry http://www.smbnation has also given us some of his books to provide as prizes during our first year, great stuff.

Don't worry guys I have already gone chasing the DVD with the SBS SP1 VPC image that Harry mentioned with the hope we can give this away to attendees at the first meeting.

Don't usually have my commercial web site pointing here but to be honest I would like to at least temporarily make this blog my focus on the web and would love to hear your comments and would love to get any contributions that you think would be worth sharing.

Unfortunately have not managed to get a Beer sponsor yet but trust me I'm working on it :-)
anyone got a pub as a customer ?

Please throw comments, suggestions abuse as you see fit

Regards Mark


At 11:27 AM, Anonymous Nick Whittome said...

Hey Ho Mark ;)

It indeed was a good day, nice to see your blog alive again! will be able to take off now I hope. I will soon be emailing everyone that was with us in Dublin with more info.



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